Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It has come to my attention in familial debates that |Israel is completely dependant upon the US for financial aid and other countries like Turkey, Canada, China for its entire food resources and energy. Turkey being it's number one import source.

Now it is true that Turkey oddly enough was the first Arab nation to recognise the state of Israel back in 1949. But it's standing as it number one source of food and fuel, mmm not so much.

Most countries require outside assistance to support their economy and industries.  Be it raw materials for manufacturing of complex products for export or food for it's nations wants. All countries depend on others for technology and it's raw materials in today's world economy.

Israel has has joined the OECD and has FREE TRADE agreements with the EU,US, Turkey, Canada, Jordan, Mexico, and Egypt. Turkey stands as it's Sixth largest export partner and though their economic ties are important they are not dependant on each other.  Either could survive quite well without the other economically but stability in the region would hit an all time low.  Eventually, without quick action to secure new military partners the Israel's standing in the S&P's and other markets would degrade reducing their ability to borrow. So the idea that Turkey is Israel's primary trade partner is bogus.  Militarily they are fairly joined at the hip.  Selling military technology completely developed in Israel and sharing training space and exercises is a huge departure from the days of Ottoman genocide.  Given present political ties it would seem to the uninitiated that it would soon head that way. After having given up Mossad agents in Iran and the Flotilla debacle costing the lives of 8 Turkish citizens based on bad intel and over reacting of the team on site, they still trade at record levels. That's a personal record not some "Guinness Book" levels.

I have not looked this closely at the economics of Israel and the region in general.  This has been an eye opener for certain.  But to say that the war against Hamas is an economic machine is tantamount to vile. Hamas (and the coalition government of Palestine) seem to have a complete disregard for life and consider every death as a valuable asset to their fight.  willing to sacrifice all to the cause of martyrdom. No sane leadership would be willing to sacrifice their future for being "right".  It would destroy ANY future a nation would have.  Without children you do not have a future.

  So if the war were to end then the so called military aid from the US would shift to more agriculture and other ecological stimulus that would be just as viable as the war machine. Sighting their pharmaceutical and other medical discoveries and treatments that Israel is a world leader in can be read in the links.  The Technological discoveries in science and military applications is even more prolific and economically viable an export. As for fuel, the last 10 years of Natural Gas discovery  in the dead sea, that is used both to generate electricity and heating homes gives them the independence they need to make decisions politically.

Israel's GDP supports growth well into the future.  A future that will happen regardless of Hamas.  Both Palestine and Israel would grow together if each supported the other.  The potential of strength of economy and security would only work through the removal of Hamas as a partner in government and cessation of all hostilities and hate.

Peace can be achieved when sanctity of life exists as an immutable choice by those who hate. When sensibility fills the void created by the loss of hundreds of years of hate.

Yours In Clay & water

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Saturday, July 26, 2014


I've been hard at it, and pouring out plenty both here and in the "twitterverse".  But now I need to take 4 days and spend them with my family as I have some coming for a visit.  My time will be focused on them and blissfully ignorant of the pain and suffering of the world.  I give thanks and appreciate the freedoms I have because of the sacrifices that many have made before.  The fact that I can take a mental vacation speaks volumes to the situation we have in North America and in Canada particularly. We do not think the way many over seas do. Though many here (ignorantly) bitch and complain about their lots in life, they will never understand how tenuous is the lives of our eastern counterparts.  That in a moment the anger  washing over of the many mindless and embittered people, crashing rage unconscionable.  Only knowing that someone said be angry and show pictures to justify their rant. Pictures, videos (mostly partial) that insight and support their anger.

But around the world the younger generation has shown it can think like a westerner and realize that that kind of inflammatory and devastating behavior serves no one. No one but the will of the tyrannical partisan who gets off on the power wielded by angering many.  These are the people that need help, therapy and a good time-out (or spanking, I won't judge).

These are the people that have forgotten or don't care what lives mean.  How valuable a life is.  In the mid-east where these sad, angry individuals are most predominantly, they are able to convince others to do their bidding and sacrifice their children.  From all I have seen and read... I do not feel they believe in the sanctity of life and most importantly their children. Child soldiers, martyrs, bait, or shields.  These are children that don't have the luxury of learning to be kids. They learn the hate and desire to sacrifice for a cause that will make their parents proud.  In the end isn't that what all children want?

So I will take four days and let my kids make me proud and bask in that pride. I will make my kids proud of me and bask in that too.  Barring a heart attack or lightening or even a car crash, I will be blogging again Tuesday. Be well and be good to one another.

Yours In Clay and Water

Thursday, July 24, 2014


46 killed, 200 injured in Gaza since midnight - Health Ministry. Total: 605 dead, 3,700 injured as fighting continues
The death toll now reaching near 700 - reporting from .
Many others including Reuters have been making these statements. 

Numbers so quickly coming. While bombs, bullets and missiles are flying, we are getting instant and incredibly supposedly accurate numbers of dead. Amazing don't you think? Even after 911 the exact count (even then) of lives lost in the towers was weeks away. At the time every eye was turned to Search and Rescue or recovery not running for their lives anymore. Let's understand the numbers used during and after ANY war or conflict.

Numbers help to quantify success of action. (did we maximize our use of force. Let's face it ammunition costs.) Numbers show the level of devastation to a populace (observation on the receiving end of the attack). Numbers help to anger and garner support for the cause. Numbers tell a story or spin a yarn. Numbers horrify and stun people the world over. It's how terrorists succeed in scaring people or twisting people to their mindless rage. Can you trust numbers from a battle zone with countless innocents mixed in with mindless murderers? Who are the fighters and who are the victims? When a populace fears it's own on the scale of a mafia like organization only without conscience or honor, where is that distinction? Who has the most to gain by numbers? The ones trying to make a case. In this case that would be the terrorists. Spin spin spin. Every number works for them. Hundreds of mobile sites, thousands of rockets, hundreds of women and children killed. All in the name of hate. How do those rough numbers make you feel? Numbers make you feel. Feel happy, success, sadness, sorrow, sympathy, anger. Numbers.

What are numbers for? Accounting. To account for whatever we need to take stock of. If the world responded to ONE innocent and unjustified death there would be no more numbers to accumulate.  

That is the other purpose for numbers. Accumulation. Accumulation of kills, victories, deaths, successes, failures, costs.


Yours in Clay & Water

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Why is it so hard to just enjoy the beach without concern about others?  When enjoying time with the family it tends to turn into ULTRA PARENT!  Must watch all and see all!  Sometimes I want to ignore everyone and say go drown and remove yourselves from the gene pool as a favour to my happiness.  One mother today at the beach, shepherding some 5 kids loses one and all the beach starts to scour.  One woman who I discover later is sitting by my family informs me while in the water that a girl is missing, 7 years old wearing a tiger print bathing suit.  I was headed in to trade places with my wife so she could cool off with the kids.  I get up on the beach and my wife informs me also of the missing child but that she was just found and the family is only 15 feet from us.  So I relaxed (as ULTRA PARENT had kicked in) in the knowledge that another child was safe and reunited with their parents and not at the bottom of Georgian Bay.  Moments later I recognize the woman that told me about the missing child and informed her that she was found.  She seemed to notice and returned to her family.  Seconds later she lights up a cigarette surrounded by HER kids.  The looking back she see's the mother of the formerly absent 7 year old and I hear her yell "Get off your phone and pay attention to your kids!".  I look back and sure enough the woman who was in an abject panic moments before was placidly on her phone with her back to her kids.  Well maybe we should just let nature take it's course.  NOW as to the woman with the carcinogenic candy stick also 15 feet from me started to grate on my nerves.  Here she was seemingly concerned for the health and safety of another woman's child but all the while puffing her 180 chemicals into her own kids faces.  Never mind that smoking is banned in parks and public beaches.  !@#$%^ that right?  "Rules are for everyone else but me."

I let this go by laying back into my sun shelter and just breathing... then plunk. WTF was that?  I felt it hit my hat and it was resting on my stomach.  I look up and see fresh seagull poop on my brand new shelter!  The over splash as I will call it, landed on my hat. REALLY!?   Shook another one off.

So after 4 hours of fun with the kids I'm heading off the beach and down the strip trots this young woman and her little puppy.  Now I've had dogs all my life and never let it off the leash in public.  I didn't want them put down for well, being a dog.  1, no leash. 2, on the BEACH! Two feet from her reads a sign that says clearly WITH PICS for the uneducated, NO DOGS ON BEACH.

What is WRONG with people?  Why do people feel they are better than others?  When arriving at a bar or movie or even a club and you find a line outside most people line up and wait.  But there are those who feel they are above waiting in line and try to get in ahead of the rest.  I've even heard some say "I don't wait in lines!" or "I don't like to wait in lines."  Well good for you Gungadin, back of the line or go to a less popular place to get your funk on.  These are the people who unleash their dogs in public, smoke in cars with kids and generally stick their nose in the air to make sure only the best quality air enters their lungs.
While their noses are up may they trip over homeless person and fall into traffic.

Yours in Clay & Water

Monday, July 21, 2014


The video of the report from News agency Aljazeera

Are you kidding me? The UN keeps their mouths shut why hundreds of rockets fly into Israel. Randomly aimed into civilian and tourist areas, and now Israel responds they say something? Where are their heads during the previous weeks attacks? Lighting up hooka's and sucking back cold ones?  I am dumbfounded by this complete denigration of a recognised nation. A nation that is not only tolerant but multi faithed.  When what is supposed to be a world leader of multinational oversight and assistance stands up and says SHAME ON YOU ISRAEL for telling the Palestinian people that you were coming to attack.  Shame on you for making it clear that further strikes by Hamas would be answered with precision and power.  Shame on you for with-holding strikes when targets were walled with innocent children and women. SHAME SHAME SHAME.  Congratulations for hitting innocents that were put there to die to make Hamas look benevolent and ignore the unprovoked rocket barrage.  Please Israel go sit in a corner and think about what you have done!

SERIOUS?!  Does the UN have any respect left?  Can we take them even remotely seriously any more.  See what happens when you put sycophants in charge of an over-bloated, self righteous, power mongering (but powerless) body of wealthy goombas in a room together and ask them to do good? This is as bad as when the man who coined and defined the term Apartheid  Nelson Mandela referred to Israel AS an apartheid state.  A state that has multi-faithed members of government, police, military, and many other levels of national jobs.  A state that has given more than ever asked of, surrendered (though grudgingly) territories that sense says they shouldn't for the sake of security, and even when offered more land back in the 40's refused it as "unnecessary".

How can any world power that is governed by a democratic secular body look at Israel and say shame on you?  If Israel was blown to the four winds tomorrow the nations around them would go back to hating each other.  The ONLY thing unifying the UAE is Israel.  "The Enemy of my Enemy is my friend."

If ANYONE believes this would be other tomorrow if Israel went poof is living in a world of "Celophane flowers of yellow and green".

Yours in Clay & Water.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Aikido has us accept our opponents energy and permit it to continue only in a way that benefits us.  You know, instead of their intention to kick our asses.  The best way to do this is to let them win. (continue in the direction they were headed) While doing this you most often are required to pivot so that you are actually facing the SAME direction as your attacker.  I refer to this as looking through their eyes.  This allows you to PHYSICALLY gain a unique perspective. Which in turn will then allow you better move them they way you wish. To put this into an emotional or spiritual context what if the attack is verbal?  eg; Why is this person attacking me?  What did I do?  Do I know them? If neither case is positive then one must assume you either are just a convenient target or set off negative stimuli to an already bad day.

Now you have 3 choices.  2 are good and one not so much.

1: Walk away and ignore the jibes and contrite insults.  Let them roll off your back and head to a new place to enjoy your time.

2: Get just as angry and get into the fight but calling them names and waiting for the inevitable physical conflict to begin.  Yes relish it and see their blood flow!!!! QAPLA!!!

3: Enjoy the jibe (seemingly) Laugh along, poke at yourself or listen to the argument and ask some questions in regards to their anger that get them to tell you why you piss them off.  Or why your friend has done so.  It can't always be about you right?

Can you guess which is the most likely to end badly?

Well 1: will probably end with nothing happening or the verbal abuse gets louder and they find a new target till they get the response they want.

2: Chances are this will result in someone in hospital, someone in handcuffs, and a lot of feeling stupid later.  Or maybe you are he type that prides themselves in crushing someone with problems that you never took the time to become aware of. Which leads to 3 and Aikido the Emotional / Spiritual.

provided by Aikido Journal
3: Let's face it, everyone has a reason why they get angry and why they get angry at someone else, strangers or otherwise.  If you agree to that then you have already learned Aikido Basic movement 2 The Entering and avoidance stance. (95 degree pivot) Tai No Henko Ni.  You see the attack and you open to avoid it. Then enter the space in control of the attack. In that BRIEF moment you are looking from the same place as your assailant. Seeing through their eyes.  You have the ability then to decide, antagonize or resolve.  To resolve is to find a outcome that makes both people happy, or at least calmed and resolved.

You could laugh and self deprecate.  Anything that lets them know you see what they see and maybe ask them what they are into?  Catch them off balance with "what did I do to upset you" or recognise something on them that you may like yourself.  Find a connection and point it out.  Now you have them off balance and de-escalating.  Find the anger point and sympathize and continue the connection. (not patronize because that's just arrogant and stupid... while you're at it poke a bees nest with a stick)

Either take this opportunity to leave or go for a drink together... that's up to you.  Use your best judgement. You should have some to have obtained this point in the conflict.  Remember this could also be an acquaintance or friend or loved one.  The physical outcome may be less likely (or more as I don't know your friends) therefore easier to find what you did wrong and resolve it.

There is a story in legend about an Aikido senior of Morihei Ueshiba, Terry Dobson (American in Japan) looking to make his mark as a hero and prove his metal as an Aikido practitioner.  Instead he get's schooled by an old man on the train. The wake up call of re-evaluating his reasons for taking the art.  Enjoy.

Yours in Clay & water

Thursday, July 17, 2014


That's all it is.  A sunny day. Maybe in your neck of the woods it isn't and for that I sympathise, here though it is a sunny day.  A complete lack of political strife and religious embalming this day.  I can't help but smile as my children bask in their parents joy and attention.  This is what true happiness is about my friends... not the sanctimonious theistic pounding of our faith leaders.  Fear and loathing in hell.  A day free of all those things designed to scare the pants off you since you were a child... excellent.  A day free of your government not collapsing around your ears.. SUPERB!  What more can there be when happiness in family without the threat of G-D or Government raining fire and taxes on our heads.. nothing but PRICELESS!

I am also thankful that I live in Canada.

Yours in Clay & Water

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Weird Al Yankovic really is the very best at spoofs.  He does it the best and I love him for it!  He's TACKY and soooo WHAT!?

Here is his "HAPPY" spoof "TACKY"


Two days ago Prime Minster Harper made a statement that said he condemned the "rocket attacks" on Israel.
From the Sun News website
I mean there aren't even any Jewish settlement in the Gaza strip any more so WTF?!

Ok, so the Liberals make a VERBAL stand "for the first time in forever" (Cue Disney(c) music).  Looks pretty solid.

Credits: REUTERS/Chris Wattie
 "Canada calls on its allies and partners to recognize that these terrorist acts are unacceptable and that solidarity with Israel is the best way of stopping the conflict," Harper said. "It is evident that Hamas is deliberately using human shields to further terror in the region." 

Is this sufficient?  If we are going to be taken as something other than a mouthpiece country where the mid-east is concerned we need to do more than talk.  we are still a commonwealth  nation.  Self governed but our allegiance is still to the crown of Britain.  Like it or not we are still subjects of Her Majesty. (which I have NO problem with... I like a strong matriarch in the family)  Where are the rest of her subjects loyalty, voices and military?!  never mind the US who don't know HOW to ask for self governance.  they'd rather demand it and rip it out of the hearts of others.  ( but I digress as this is not a US/UK history lesson)  The US has the means and methods to send a crippling blow to Hamas and Hezbollah.  Return to the same "support of Israel".  Talk from THAT jabber mouth MEANS something.  But talk from Harper.... well you might as well offer to threaten Hamas with forced reading of a Street Car Named Desire.  Way to "upset" the Palestinians Prime Minister.  That'll get 'em furious.  Come on!  We have a very capable, trained, skilled and veteran military force the commonwealth over.  Talk is cheap Mr. Harper.  DO something!

We know his history of jabber jawing cowardice is a nothing more than political and financial self preservation. (which is contradictory for a liberal government known for overspending and budget blow-outs) But at a time where the Liberals are cutting back the military budget and reducing recruiting or in some cases shutting recruitment entirely, what else he can do?  The last time we stopped recruiting it left a five year void of new personnel. Lot's of corporals and no privates.  Five years of a broken chain of command structure with almost no hope of recovery unless you consider reservists a fighting force.  We are only 2 years into that recovery and now we break it again.  COME ON HARPER CHOOSE!!! Are we a nation of pride and support?  Or just a nation of lip service and hand jobs with a little forced US fellatio.


Friday, July 11, 2014


               That is the question we spend far too much time asking ourselves and those around us.  It is, I BELIEVE the one most deadly comment uttered or internalised.  It is the phrase that is the source of inaction and procrastination the world over.  Look back in your life, even as recent as probably yesterday.  When you uttered this phrase did it get action or INACTION in response.  I've come to realise it is a major source of failure by inaction.  Fear in the form of over thinking.  It stalls us and leads us to a myriad of scenarios like a Minotaur maze, afraid to turn the next corner for fear of being gored by bad choice.  "What if he says no?" or "What if they fire me?" or "What if they like me?" and what if on the way to asking "what if" a frickin' meteor falls out of the sky and splits your nut in twain!  Here is probably the easiest solution to MOST of the "What if's" in your life: GO ASK!  Talk to the person with the answers you are riddling your brain with and put yourselves and your loved ones out of their MISERY!

               Fear of results are easily as debilitating as spinal paralysis.  And before you people go off on me about para or quadriplegics please understand I sympathise with your condition.  But in this case the paralysis is SELF induced and nothing is more frustrating than to watch a loved one or even yourself immobilised by fear.  I don't mean just to jump off a 20 or more foot diving board for the first time (maybe last hehe).  I mean Watching your life spiral into a complete dumper when you are perfectly capable of pulling up your own backside.  Worst of all? Fear not of failure but of SUCCESS.  This internal intention to fail because we know it means a change in our lives where the things we thought were working for us, like sympathy and having others hold our hands in our suffering will be over.  Is that change so bad? Why? "WHAT IF you succeed?" Well to be fair to my point... you don't know unless you go ask the person who knows best. Or in the case succeed and find out.

You can do this on your own terms.

             Even as I type this I am arguing with myself over this logic.  But I know this to be true.  I've failed on my own terms so succeeding on my own terms I know is the same.  How much success you have really is up to you. So if you don't want to lose family time make it clear that it takes precedents over the payday.  But remember that to have that power you have to be ABLE to make it without making the others pay for you, balance.  I've always said that I don't want to be famous.  I just want to be wanted by my peers for my talents and enjoyed for the smiles I can bring to others days.  So why do I set myself up to fail instead of succeed?  Fear.  Fantasised Expectations Appearing Real.  (thank you Life 101 and John Rogers Insight Seminars

       I know that what I have (or don't) has been as much a choice as anything else. (choice is another topic later I will write) A friend (and he is whether he knows it or not) recently brought to my attention a book that was sitting around gathering dust till he had a chat with a well know musician of Motley fame and was banging on about it.  The Artist's Way  by Julia Cameron.  My personality is known as a "GHOST artist."  When he told me this I knew it was the correct analysis.  So I will be obtaining a copy but I have signed up for the online version with the Author direct in hand to coach in the interim.  It's free for now but once I have the book I will pay for the full access.  

 If you want to make money you have to spend money!

      I know this may sound trite but it's true.  Any time I have spent money for professional reasons it has come back fourfold. When I have spent it in the pursuit of happiness (on the kids or my wife) it has also come back to me in the way of  work or even a winning lottery ticket. (no not THAT big a win. Always just enough) So it's like a commitment to yourself.  A contract if you will.  Those that know me know how I feel about them and commitments or promises.  So once I make it there is no turning back.  But making that step is always the hardest.  
      So as I and some others I know make this step towards no longer saying "WHAT IF..." but "I KNOW!" I will fill you in as I can.  If you are tired of "WHAT IF..." then follow some of the links I have planted in here... and come along on your own path to starting to succeed.

     See you on the other side!

Thursday, July 10, 2014


           I was looking back over past posts from some of my Fav bloggers and remembered when Valley Park Middle School was discovered to be allowing the Muslim population of the school to hold prayers (boys only) run by an assigned Imam on Friday's in the gym.  Who brought this to light? Jews?, Christians? how about Hindus!  That's right!  I said Hindus were first up to cry fowl.  The story itself was actually broken by power blogger Blazing Cat Fur.  NOT MSM's but a blogger.  so research done, calls made and voila! it's true!  WHOA! WHA! wait! Public schools which has in it's constitution the removal of prayer and all manner of religious indoctrination for the secular benefit of all, had reneged to accommodate once again. Our government provides multiple faith based options for education to those wanting "the lords prayer" or the likes, back in their children lives.  In comes upstart accommodation faith Muslim and suddenly that goes out the window?  We are having work to rule protests, teachers forced back to work for under staffed over worked teachers and now they are talking PERMANENT prayer space for "MULTI-FAITH" prayers in the schools. WHY? Any organization can obtain permits to use property and pay whatever fees... but to say we want PERMANENCY?! OPEN A MUSLIM SCHOOL! Like the RCSSB, or Jewish schools... Make one, meet provincial standards and criteria and get on with your lives!  BUT KEEP YOUR knees bent, carpet dropping, running around, foul crying butts out of my classes!  If your want so much accommodation for your beliefs from us but moved here from a country that was 100% supportive of your faith.... WHY THE HECK DID YOU LEAVE?!  Don't tell me it was to have a better life for your family.  It's obvious to ANYONE with 1/3 of a NUT in their receptacles that if faith is priority number 1 then this is NOT the right place to be.

        NOW in true Canadian fashion let me also say, if you are NOT one of those DEMANDING "accommodation" for your faith (Muslim or any theims), that your choice to send your child to a PUBLIC school and not a faith based institution included understanding that teaching religion was on your own time at home or the mosque, then BRAVO and welcome to Canada as a CANADIAN AND this post is NOT about you.

         Just so you understand, I believe that religion and government should never cross paths.  A country GOVERNED strictly by religious doctrine is a recipe for disaster.  Leave faith in the home and places of worship, but society as a whole governed by rules and laws written by the secular elect.

          To those insisting it's your RIGHT...Feel free to practice, just not in my space or on my dime!

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Hello all who come across this site.  And if you don't then consider this a falling tree.

My purpose here is to join the land of the blog-sphere opinionated.  Sometimes I may be LEFT sometimes RIGHT sometime down the middle.  I am politic though I have some definite thoughts and beliefs and they come from 40+ years of experience.  (according to family and friends of the past I was already old at 14)

I want to bring closure to issues while sharing those issues with you.  In doing so maybe something will open for you as well.  

Most of what I type will probably be unedited and raw.  In most cases I just want to get it up and out.  If I leave it as a draft it may never be finished.  So forgive the un POLISHED posts.  It is the real me and my brain at work.

I want to develop this into a seminar of life affirmation and growth.  Bringing balance to my life through the Martial arts and Budo but maybe not how you might expect.  I will develop exercises based on my years of different training that had the most emotional impact and cathartic value.

Catharsis leads to healing and martial arts can fulfill your needs of closure and taking control of your life.  It's a work in progress as is life so take the journey with me and maybe we can discover it together.

Take the grey mass of what we call our lives and form it into something strong, bright and wonderful. Be Clay. Malleable yet firm when you need to be or formless and powerfull like water. GOLEM?

Yours in Clay & Water