Thursday, November 6, 2014


It's all about defining purpose.

If I said to you I NEED to make money or I NEED to go to work, you'd just chug along and sympathise or at least empathise.  But what am I really saying to myself? Am I defining my value by NEED or PERCEIVED need.  We all say, "I have to go to work." "I have to" is a very disengaging and disheartening phrase that we so easily toss into our daily vernacular.

Let's be honest here.  Society has proven one thing to us and that is we are a part of it (unless you want to go hermit) seemingly involuntarily.  We parrot this with our choices in language i.e.:"I have to." Then you spend the rest of your day looking at the clock for an end so you can go unwind somewhere in another excused behaviour known as drinking (or any other recreational hard mental release). For the average 9-5'er it's just the way it is but still despised. We get angry at "society at large", government or the corporate "mucky-mucks".  Whatever name you use to make you feel down trodden and beaten on.  All the while you are using language to do to yourself what you envision someone ELSE is doing to you. 

First question to ask yourself is "what makes me happy?" The next question is "What do I do to obtain it?" The last question is "what do I do to prevent me from obtaining it?" 

What Makes Me Happy?

Well a lot of people would say (in private) Money. If I have lots of money I will be happy.  Others who are more "touchy feely" would say family(my wife and my children make me happy) and still others who consider themselves esoteric would say "happiness just IS man". The latter is not far from the reality. Though maybe obtained by an "out of reality" state of mind. 

Now once the head is clear of the fog, *cough cough* Happy is defined by each person. from the simple times of being an infant to the more complex states as an adult. As a baby happiness was defined by am I full, is my diaper comfortable and am I entertained by that big person making the goo goo sounds all the time. Our connection to those 3 things don't actually stray far away as we get older.  We look for them in more complex states but are fundamentally the same. 
  1. "Am I full of really delicious food that makes me feel akin to the joy I felt from strained carrots as a baby?"
  2. "Do I feel comfortable with the way these clothes fit me?"
  3.  "Am I important to those people so they like me?"
These seem to me through observation of self and others in my life over the last 40 years, to be fundamentally true to all people. We may feel like the list is bigger but at its core are these three things. Put them in a pot and you have a bowl of happy.

What do I do to obtain it?

For the most part we define our happiness by the things we have versus what others have. Better known as the "Haves & Have Nots." To obtain those things we require the means to obtain them. For most that is money.  For others... A team, some planning and a fast getaway. Most in those cases need a good lawyer.  But I digress. SOOooo, Off to work we go. why? we WANT money to get those things we say we NEED to make us feel happy. Some define it as a JOB which is not the same as a career.  Far from it. Why? That's another definition of happiness which we equate to the formula. I go to work at a JOB where I'm not appreciated, the boss hates me, and my co-workers are a-holes. A career is a path made with time and conscious choice.  Because we are good at something we took the time to get BETTER at it. Either through post secondary education OR started our own business with our base talent. We like it and produces results. Lot's of THOSE people are happy even though they may work 14-18 hours a DAY. Where the 9-5er is well... NOT.  There is a pattern here and I hope you are starting to see it.

"What do I do to prevent me from obtaining it?"

Self destruction is a major unseen force in most peoples lives. By definition you can't see it so how do you know I'm telling the truth?   Think back to goals you've truly wanted to reach in your life. Did you want to be an engineer? Did you want to climb K2 or sail around the world? Did you want to start a restaurant or invent a problem solving device or software? Whatever it is, did you then feel it was impossible to achieve or beyond you to do? Have you done the steps needed to succeed towards your goal.  When you were "getting there" did you then find a reason to stop or procrastinate the next steps? Fear is a major factor in self destruction.  We look at successful people and see they get to do more and buy more but then we also see the epic collapses. So does that crush our will? It certainly confirms our fears.  It may not seem like fear but it is. Fear of success.  There are SO many quotes you can bandy about... "Failure is not an option", "success is measured by out failures", or "there is nothing to fear but fear itself." That's a few I like but does it help?  Only if and when you are willing to open up to the thought that succeeding is OK. My favourite quote is from a very VERY famous Muppet. "NO! TRY NOT! Do or do not. There is no try!"

OK so obviously this was written by George Lucas. But now look at my reference. How did HE do it? He started the same as you and I. He didn't SPRING into being as "THE GEORGE LUCAS".  He was born, (fed, diapered, and played with) Raised and cared for as we were.

One day he had his life shattered from it comfort and cruising. He was in a car accident that should have taken his life.  He survived and went from cruising to driving his life. In an interview with Academy Of Achievement he said "Well I'm here, and every day now is an extra day. I've been given an extra day so I've got to make the most of it." He is speaking of his thoughts after He had his reality reborn. In a car accident that should have taken his life. Suddenly improbable became not only probable but anything he wanted was now possible. All this when he was only a teen.

Do you have to have a "near death" moment to adjust your thoughts to the path probability instead of impossibility? No.


Failure to move forward is like addiction. You CAN kick it. You just have to find bottom before life does it for you. Believe me it will.

Look at the people around you have garnered success in the face of seeming adversity but also are truly happy.  Can you name any?  Can you see any?  Tough isn't it. We are guided by the three principles of our infancy. We just don't know how to get them as an adult.  One thing is for certain. if you (ready for the next saying?) "Never do you will never succeed". Right so, I modified it to match my earlier quote but if it goes then it follows that this is more truth. To TRY is permission to walk away or even to stop when it gets too hard. Don't get me wrong. Failure will happen and I believe our successes are only measured by our failures.  Without them we can never truly appreciate what it means TO succeed.

So now change the statements we made earlier. When a belief no longer works for us we have to accept that to succeed we must change our beliefs. 

"I have to go to work." leaves you with no power and seemingly without choice. so now TAKE responsibility. I WANT money so I can ... pay my bills, have the roof over my head, food in my belly and the clothes that not only are comfortable but people will see me in. I will make a great impression. Therefore I WANT to go to work. Now let that sink in.

Once the power is yours you can make choices that move you to happiness instead of disfranchised misery. Now when you envision a career it doesn't seem so impossible. 

Here is the hardest part (at least for me) don't PROCRASTINATE! Every time I have ever completed a task either self assigned or not, I have felt amazing and energized.  Every article I now type and post gives me a sense of accomplishment.  Every page and chapter I complete in my stories pump me up.  Do I fall down, get lost, drag my feet?  SURE! but the key is getting back up.  I know that I have support in my life. Sometimes it's from family and sometimes it's from within. 
Just remember the old adage, "You don't know what you've got till it's gone." Don't wait. Don't fawn over "things". They are just things. Appreciate what you have.  The rest only matters if you think it makes you happy. Does it?  Do things make you happy? 

Or is it just Food, Comfort, and someone who goes goo goo over you.

Yours in Clay & Water

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Seriously. I hate the whole psychic's talking to the dead BS. Though I believe in spirituality but DAMN I'm good!

HELOOOOO TEXAS... or should I say GOODBYYYYYEEEE TEXAS. (and all points north)



Tuesday, September 9, 2014


How is it that a threat so obvious has so few talking about it?  Do we feel that secure in fighter scrambles? Do we feel they are that DUMB not to know about GPS relays in "other places" on the planes sending telemetry and status data. They can remove the IFF tags but not the others. Is that enough to make all the MSM's feel safe? Or maybe it will just be African targets.  That is all. Just someone else's problem.  Till they figure out how to block the rest and avoid radar systems till it's too late. I am surprised at the American complacency in this instance.

Well if #terrorists are consistent it will have a significant meaning. So. two more days till the 13th anniversary of 9/11. Hmmm I sense potential here. Good thing I'm a Canadian Jew and not a lunatic, Orwellian lemming for #ISIS or #muslimbrotherhood eh?

Yours In Clay & Water

USATODAY the most recent article is a sad 4 days old.

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Saturday, September 6, 2014


The automatic response to hearing this news is simple. Here comes 9/11 part II. What do they plan to do with them? Some of the planes taken are capable of reaching North America (a-320s and a-330s) FOX News with Bill Gertz of the Washington Free Beacon reports :

CNBC reports also.

The original story was broken by the Washington Free Beacon.
 "The state-owned Libyan Airlines fleet until this summer included 14 passenger and cargo jetliners, including seven Airbus 320s, one Airbus 330, two French ATR-42 turboprop aircraft, and four Bombardier CJR-900s. Libyan state-owned Afriqiyah Airways fleet is made up of 13 aircraft, including three Airbus 319s, seven Airbus 320s, two Airbus 330s, and one Airbus 340.

The aircraft were reportedly taken in late August following the takeover of Tripoli International Airport, located about 20 miles south of the capital, by Libyan Dawn." -Bill Gertz
Some say African targets are the intent.  Yeah I feel MUCH better about that.  But reality is that any of the terrorist organizations would pay plenty to get their hands on another flying bomb without the hassle of hijacking it. So the targets reported don't stand for much.
Have a great weekend.

Yours In Clay & Water

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Thursday, September 4, 2014



Someone else who believes in the system and justice. Innocent till proven guilty.


The internet as we have discovered can lead you down a "Deep dark rabbit hole". From happy poems and feel good sayings to "Two Girls One Cup", "Worlds biggest Pimple" and anything with  #ISIS beheadings.  How dark, and how shocking before you say "no way I can't watch!" or when do you refuse.

We are a generation that love to be shocked and scared to find our internal high.  The injection of endorphins from being scared to death and feeling what seems.  Some people feel MORE alive after the shock occurs. Physical or visual it does not matter. Blood rushes and heart rate elevates. Glands release the endorphins and you become high.

Am I squeamish? I don't seek extremes for a hit or fix.  I don't care to jump out of a perfectly good airplane.  I'm not an adrenaline junky.  But so many people I know are willing to watch this stuff for shock, laughter and a high.  I don't think they realise it.  I wonder if I'm normal or just a reclusive and shy. afraid to explore and take risks that will put my morals into question.

All I know at this point is that I do NOT feel the need to have my brain shocked or in some cases traumatized with horrific imagery I will never be able to remove except by unconscious suppression or a lobotomy.

Yours In Clay & Water

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Israel-Palestine: Is This A Debate? Russell Brand The Trews (E111)

I have commented so feel free to watch and or jump in.  I love his stuff and he is bloody hilarious but I could not let this go.  Though I don't agree with Hannity's tactics he is right. Russel is off target.  Unless he's an anti-semite which I do not believe he is.


If this is true then everyone should be jumping on this!


Will Hayden a retired US Marine, owner of Red Jacket Firearms and star of the now cancelled Discovery Channel show "Sons Of Guns".

Well if you were to ask me to profile a paedophile or a budding child molester I would not have given you Will Hayden as a primary example. Having said that a child's accusations have to be listened to. But without there being more than allegations a man's life sits in ruin. I call that excessive power. First the ex-girlfriend claims that their 12 year old daughter was molested. He is Arrested and eventually released on 250K bail. But then (notice it's AFTER the ex makes the claim) the Daughter corroborates the story saying she was afraid to talk before. There are a lot of kids making allegations these days that get parents in a pot of hot water without a shred of evidence. Just that the words of a child are always true. Anyone with a child knows THAT is a misnomer. Children are HONEST but truthful? The imagination and ability to create stories is incredible. My Daughter has made up some whoppers believe me. But the understanding of creativity and lies have a very grey line.

Was the ex's daughter coerced into it by a bitter mother, seeking more money from a successful reality show star? Good chance of it. The Washington Post has posted a sketchy commentary designed to make Will Hayden look like a potential molester. But it's all out of context. Headered "Scary past Of Will Hayden"
 1. Hayden was beaten as a child.
2. And he survived a house fire. 
3. He couldn't afford a gun — so he made one. 
4. He was suspected of robbing his own gun shop.
5. He’s said creepy things about virgins before.
Let's get real about this last one. Guys have been making ridiculous and unsubstantiated rude comments about virgins since we started thinking about sex. THAT does not make you creepy. It makes you a GUY. NONE of these elements fit a profile for a child molester. Heck if he liked to torture small things and was molested as a child MAYBE then it would be in his psyche.  But all this makes is for a strong and resolute man of action and control. A man I would most likely want at my back in a shitstorm. (pardon my language)

Having said all this I believe in letting the system do it's due diligence. If he is shown by evidence that he is guilty then he should bloody well go away for life and throw away the key.  But I find that the rule of "Innocent till proven guilty" is also a misnomer.  "Guilty till proven innocent" is more correct.  Everyone judges the moment accusations are laid. Everyone becomes an armchair quarterback (or judge in these cases). Even Discovery Channel has cancelled the show and wiped it from their site. SO just the POTENTIAL makes it so.  What if it's all a grab and an angry ruse to destroy a good person.  His own elder daughter stephanie says there was never ANY impropriety in their house ever.  Sisters tend to defend one another.  What an offending father does to one he will usually do or have done to the other.

what happens on a daily basis all around the world makes me sick. People are accused of doing a heinous crime by others with all to gain by the downfall of the accused.  But no one thinks ok, what's YOUR side of the story? It's just "YEAH STRING THEM UP! MURDERER!, RAPIST, PAEDOPHILE, RACIST, BABY KILLER, ABUSER, MISOGYNIST, LAWYER!" Ok so no one is accused of being a misogynist (hehe)

I know that usually where there is smoke there is fire BUT not always and when there is revenge and money almost never. If I am wrong then I will gladly say so and take my lumps.  I can accept errors in judgment and I am not being emphatic here but I think this is a case of revenge. Worst of all I believe the mother has coerced her daughter to defame a good man in the name of revenge and money.  That The Discovery Channel has once again shown itself to be a knee jerk reactionist (as they did with Phil Roberts of Duck Dynasty fame) afraid of bad numbers and publicity that MAY negatively reflect on their bottom line, shows how the world bends.  Even though I believe constitutionally they have no reason to cancel the show of an accused man and not a convicted man.  Example. The title of my article. Quite deliberate. Did you Judge immediately? Were you disgusted?  Were you willing to read before judging? Did you jump to a conclusion?

Where is the support of your shows?  Don't you look into the background of your hires?  Aren't you willing to stand by the members of your shows that you make millions on?  Just cut and run eh David Zaslav.

NOT someone I want at my back in a shitstorm. (sorry again, I'm so Canadian)

Yours In Clay & water

*-As Always I welcome your thoughts.  But NOT your hate. If you just want to spew rhetoric and hate at me don't bother. I welcome debate on TOPIC and not personal attacks.

Since I wrote this as of Thursday September 11th 2014 Stephanie Hayden has come out on US National TV during the Dr. Phill show to explain AN alleged incident 20 years earlier where ah says her father made an attempt at an overtly sexual advance in regards to her breasts. Though he stopped suddenly it has stuck in her mind and came roaring back after her little sister confessed to the assaults on her person. Stephanie now believes these accusations to be true. Her husband and part owner of Red Jacket Firearms Kris Ford was backstage and was shocked and mortified. He only then found out what his mentor adopted father figure has been alleged to have perpetrated upon his own Daughters. "What kind of monster does that to his own child" Kris was recorded saying at the end of the episode while behind scenes at the show.

Will still stands by his innocence and I am inclined to believe the words of his own Daughter Stephanie as she has nothing to be gained by these charges or his potential lifetime incarceration.  She is already a major share holder in the family company.  All I can say is sometimes the worst allegation are true.  BUT WAIT Till you hear ALL the facts before casting judgement people. Now I have heard what I believe to damning evidence let the system do it's job.

Though it saddens me to see it and say it, I hope they lock him up and throw away the key.  Sexual predators cannot be rehabilitated.  Will Hayden if found guilty (and he should) should NEVER see the light of day again.

Yours In Clay & Water.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


ARE you KIDDING ME?! What possessed the parents of this little girl to put a fully automatic weapon (an UZI) into their daughters hands? Supervised or otherwise? Do we not feel shocked when we see #Muslim extremist children with AK's in hand or worse severed heads?!  No Shit she lost control of the FULLY AUTOMATIC UZI. Watch the video and you will see how she also narrowly missed killing herself.

I know this was an accident and the first on RECORD... but seriously people. CHECK YOU HEADS? Not check them at the door to the gun range! The range is called Burgers & Bullets located in Arizona. With a perfectly clean track record with professional staff. Just to be clear. Still...

She will have to live with the death of this man for the rest of her days or until someone figures out how to repress it for her.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


Once again Rev. Al Sharpton seeks to insight anger and riots.  Will ANYTHING he marches in front of and shouts for stay peaceful? I doubt it. Why does a religious leader stand up and shout from the treetops? Simple (and I know some of you are going to get pissy at me but I don't care what the colour of the persons skin is) FOLLOWERS garnered by ATTENTION.  There is no other reason for a man in his position to do this. Not now and not in #Ferguson Missouri. It's a spotlight seeking, ego maniacal motivation and nothing more.  Does he care about people as a race or just ONE race. And on top of it he get PAID to do it. (thank you MSNBC)

NY rally for choke-out victim
(Photo: STAN HONDA, AFP/Getty Images)
The ONLY reason is to insight anger and put himself at the forefront.  Consider the motivations of someone who stand in front of a camera to denounce others without knowing all facts.  Worst of all they only want to know ONE side so they can stand on moral high ground and shout righteous indignation.  If you know both sides you have to temper you voice to REASON. But to stand and march like Rev. Sharpton is strictly to garner more recognition as an activist and gain more members of  followers to his "flock".

Let me help to understand my point.  Even if it was OPRAH I would say the same thing.  If it was the Governor of Missouri I would say the same thing.  What do people of "celebrity" have to gain by standing at the front of a rally? Numbers, followers, ratings, you name it and it's probably right.  I have Huge respect for Oprah Winfrey.  Heck we know that if she decided to throw her hat in the presidential ring that should would probably win hands down.  (Just hope every month a new state would get free cars! Though it would be cheaper if she moved to Canada and became the Prime Minister.  It's only the state of California worth of cars.)

When "Iyanla Fix My Life" on the OWN network (Oprah Winfrey Network) decided to do her thing for the people of #Ferguson with Michael Browns' father and the Chief of Police I decried it as a ratings grabbing piece of filth IF it was done entirely in front of the cameras. IF she was being completely sincere in her desire to fix the situation and create calm then it would be done PROFESSIONALLY. Meaning NO cameras. Maybe some stills but no cameras.  WHY?  Cameras change everything. Sit in private session and DO IT RIGHT. Then AFTER all was said and done, tears and yelling in private, THEN and ONLY THEN do the two principals involved step before a PRESS conference and explain what has happened.  Now It's not a ratings grab it's a legitimate therapy. Unmotivated by a personal agenda for self aggrandizement.

Do we see where I am going with this gang?  I am trying hard not to over complicate this but it is such a psychological web of deeply motivated selfishness it makes me nauseous.  To understand the type of personality that thrives on being the centre of attention to such a degree that it's almost uncontrollable.

If Rev. Sharpton was truly well meaning and not self serving then he would go to the family and private and speak to them. He would hold a press conference in a controlled and calm manor speaking his mind but asking for calm. Not in-sighting riot through his passionate "souther baptist" style of righteous indignation with fire and brimstone. a TRUE leader does not act out of uncontrolled passion but precise and focused control. Heck if the parents of the slain boy can ask for calm when they have every right to be anger, bitter and bible thumpin' passionate, then a community leader like Rev. Sharpton should be able to do the same. It is expected from a leader to be and DO exactly that.

Though I do not doubt that when all is said and done we will find this was NOT a racially motivated situation,(But Rev. Sharpton would make it one to further his agenda and validate his pay-check) but likely either one of poor training or the officer was telling the truth. We need to step back as a HUMAN race and ask "What are the motivations of the people who stand up for us?  Why would a person who is justified to be disproportionately passionate and angry not. But someone from the out side is?" and all should say to themselves "We are better than this and I will not become the beast that seeks wanton destruction to mollify my unfounded anger." "Who is stirring my anger?" and "Where is it coming from?"  Consider the source people. Consider reason. Consider that you may not know all the facts and that before you go hanging someone you should know what happened to mitigate the situation. This is about doing the right thing. "NO PEACE WITHOUT JUSTICE?" means  No peace till I my anger is sated is what it means. Justice has nothing to do with it. We all know the only thing the black community of #Ferguson want to hear is that the boy was wronged and the officer is a racist pig that will be locked away for life. Just because colour is the issue all see. Unless a the investigation comes back with a charge of murder and a Judge sentences him with life (or death) the rioters will not be satisfied. And fates preserve us if THAT doesn't happen

When will we stop seeing colour and religion and start seeing humans and behaviours as tools of judgement.

Yours In Clay & Water

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Monday, August 25, 2014


A Major quake hits just six miles southwest of Napa, California.

Shake rattle and toll baby. I remember my first quake in Cali. 1983 in Woodland Hills. My father tried to pass off the rocking for 2 minutes as "a truck hitting the house." Yet there was no damage of ANY kind. I knew.  I have since felt 3 more and all of them... Toronto.  But when things go boom and burn, I get scared. You can't Irimi-nagi an earthquake. You can however do zempo kaiten ukemi. But that's about it. (forward break falls)

To my friends of old in California who just got this rumble from hell. Stay safe and have a beer. The beer is filtered and your drinking water right now isn't. It's safer. That's my excuse and you should stick to it.

Your's In Clay & Water


Communication is what makes us different from primates. It's that 1% that scientists can't put their finger on. How did we gain it? Now to be absolutely clear. primates communicate but not with language. Grunts and sounds sure but that is rudimentary and not what we call communication today.

Well actually the spoken word is no longer communicating today EITHER. Think about it. We send e-mails, texts, tweets, pics, pokes, instagrams, and friend requests. But we don't TALK anymore. We walk down the street, most heads are down. checking their tweets or texts. I was at the beach the other day with my family and sure enough I looked around to see at least a dozen people in beach chairs staring at their tablets and phones. I laughed and actually said. "Are you kidding me!" I got a couple of looks but HEY at least they looked! Games on the devices are more interesting then the kids playing and you participating. Who cares if they are being scoped by a pedophile!? (oh wait! there's that bubble wrapping again) But it's wonderful out, theres a lake, your kids are playing and swimming but YOU... what are you doing? Playing Angry Birds on Facebook. SERIOUS?!

The need for others to be able to reach us instantly has also made society become very stressed. Anxiety and it's known disorders are on a shocking rise. TIME magazine reports a study shows Anxiety disorders are "up more than 300% since 2000".  Being reachable at a moments notice has made us all anxious and jumpy. As a self employed person I NEED to get an email with a job offer every week. BUT I have made it clear to my clients that I may be "disconnected" on the weekend for family time and don't even ask about Sunday work. I'm out. But companies have become dependent on their employees. Smart phones and tablets are killing us. This article talks about how smart phones are driving us over the edge.  PTSD is not just a condition of the military.  If you are used to being at heightened stress levels and suddenly find yourself suddenly without those stressors you can suffer from PTSD.  How's that for messing with your mind.

My good friend was diagnosed with PTSD after his last tour in K.A.F.  While in the condition all is as it should be. Digestion and other physical traits and conditions may become off kilter but otherwise highly functional. We learn to cope with and develop or are trained to respond to certain potentially life threatening issues. There are clear and concise guidelines on how to react to each situation in the military. Civilian life is not much different.  When those learned or trained protocols no longer apply, you sit waiting for the next stressor with no clear parameters as to what is a correct and acceptable response, then we go haywire. Drinking is a common choice of action.  Like saying "I don't give a shit so I won't feel shit."

But with our eyes on the screens all the time we lose connection to the world around us. How can we function. Really function. The reality is we can't. Eventually higher function is lost to auto-correct, calculators and auto responders. We no longer have to say "HI!" anymore. Our email can generate an auto-response to most emails if you know what to do. (now I bet some of you are going "REALLY? How gotta look that up.) We all know that families are texting to each other. Floor to floor communication in the house is done with texts or notices on Facebook. "DINNER!" or what ya doin'?" are no longer shouted communications from downstairs but "bings" on your tablet, computer or smartphone. It's too easy to get hold of someone and even more easy to get pissed off when that person decides not to answer.  Now that person is stressed because you didn't drop everything immediately to answer them. Worse is you are stressed because you didn't want to answer but are afraid that the person who tried to get through is pissed at you. Which they probably are. ARGH!!!!

I haven't owned a cell in 11 years. I do however use an Ipod. But it has a text app and Skype for calls but never do I get any. WHY? texting.  But it works only where there is WIFI. Pretty much everywhere today. (except camping and the beach) But I can tell you from first hand experience that the day I got rid of my cell and told everyone, my stress dropped by 75%.  Stress for hunting the jobs didn't drop but the constant need to answer that ring was killing me. (so were the bills). I realized that there are SOOOO many ways for people to reach me. Land line at home, emails (I can get them anywhere pretty much) Work once I'm there. But with my family and on the road? I am not THAT important to the world. Heck for the 45 minutes to an hour and thirty I'm on the road I CAN'T HELP YOU! I'm driving to save mine and others lives. How? Not answering your "How are ya!?" calls. Plus I can de-stress listening to comedy or music. I will get there eventually and I WILL call you back.

that's right. I made DRIVING my priority and NOT answering calls or making them. I'm not the PM of Canada or POTUS or even a doctor. So what can I do from where I am? Nothing till I get where I'm going.

It's similar to that "favour" you did your boss once at work and now they come to expect it from you. (no not THAT favour you pervs!) Extra hours for nothing or that call in even though you aren't being paid to be "ON-CALL." OH and  by the way gang, people are paid to be on call so don't feel guilty about not taking that "call-in" from your job.

We need to re-teach our clients, and employers that "not at work" MEANS "not at work. That you want to have the same decompression time as they do and deserve it just as much. You are human. You know what makes us human?

1% baby.

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Friday, August 22, 2014


Today was much like any other day. Into the city early. Get breakfast, chill for thirty minutes, and into the grind. (which I love so this is not a complaint) Feeling a little pumped because the energy all day was positive with a smattering of negative. Like a PINCH. So, as I leave I spot the Manager and ask him about a mutual friend and fixture of the facilities. This guy had been there for YEARS.  I mean the facilities had been sold 3 or 4 times and the deal included this guy or no deal. (multimillion dollar transactions I might add) What did he do? Don't know.  Though I did see him take stuff around in his lap. Like internal shipping.  Understand the manager knew him for MUCH longer than I. But for at least the last 10 years I've know this man. While over the last four I've lunched with him and talked hockey with him. I never talked shop. Just sports and how he was. The three of us would sit and yak about sports, cottages, the Toronto Maple Leafs.

He was a married man bound to a wheelchair by a debilitating illness. I never actually asked him what happened. All I know is he was happy and miserable all at the same time.  Approximately a year ago he fell ill and was unable to return to work. Everyone was hoping for a return but a couple months in I was told "he just wants it end". I asked to be kept in the loop but II got left out.  Today I said, "Hey, How is he? When's he coming back?" My buddy just looked at me crestfallen. Didn't you know? I assumed everyone knew." he could see the tears welling in my eyes. "I'm sorry man.  we posted it on the site too." I could tell this broke his heart to tell me after months of assuming I knew.

I was caught off-guard to say the least. He apologised for not telling me but I'm not mad.  He's a very busy guy with a lot on his plate and lots of people to juggle. Between Clients and staff I can totally understand why I might have fallen into the cracks.  Still, it hurt to think I wasn't on the list of "must tells."

Do you think of your own mortality when someone you know dies? Does it matter how old you are? In front of others do you feel anything other than mild sadness? What's appropriate? Do you hold it in if it's at work or is it ok to lose your shit? It's so hard to make the human choice when standing on ceremony.  So many thoughts fly through your mind. Will someone think you over sensitive?

I've come to realise as you I hope may, that you are who you are. In those vulnerable times it is right to be just that. Those that care will accept and support you in those moments. Chances are they feel the same. Maybe you will help them to release as well. Sometimes one persons release is the lesson for anothers.

But that day was a reminder to me of the sensitivity of life. Being aware and unaware all at the same time.

Life is a funny thing isn't it.

Yours In Clay & Water

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Thursday, August 21, 2014


Bill has just said on National Television everything I have been saying on Twitter for the last several days.  And THANK G_D someone with national coverage said it!

LET the system do it's JOB! It's may not always work but it WORKS 99% of the time. So, unfounded, passionate, knee jerk, reaction-ism is a BAD idea. It's 2014 folks. We are a civilized Continent for the most part. Let's show the world how to deal with out problems. That death and unlawful, destructive, angry behaviour serves no one but the deranged and sycophantic. Show the world that the WEST has the best system of Government and Policing. That we can weather a storm and obtain Justice without killing thousands to make our point. Points are made in discussion and court rooms. Not with more bloodshed.  What did the grocery store owner do to you? What did the liquor store clerk do? Be there. So you could terrorize them in the name of your anger while excusing your pathetic gang-banger behaviour. Cloaking it in a protest that you care naught for.  

Thank you local pastors. Calling for calm and not insighting riot like Al Sharpton. I used to think religion was about peace and understanding your role in society to one another.  Over the last 30 years I have come to realize like race, it is used to control the masses and peg hole them in an expectation. Well making this a race issue only serves the individuals need to see people act and jump because they can.

Celebrity is addicting and powerful. Al Sharpton is that. Consider what if his passion was used to CALM the people of #Ferguson instead of hoping to tear it apart for his cause. The Cause of racial destruction and governmental dismemberment in the name of Jesus. Makes him feel like G_D if you ask me.

Think like the Brits people.  KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON!

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Saturday, August 16, 2014


From the pages of alcanaanite (Unfinished business)

He still has not posted my last response on his site.  So he has opted to leave it as his answer best fits his narrow world view.

Robert De Niro on Palestinian-Israeli conflict

Is the state of Israel an apartheid state?  Robert De Niro acknowledges that fact:
“My name is Robert De Niro and I acknowledge that apartheid exists.”  De Niro is talking about the state of Israel.  He adds:  “If you were bitten by a mad dog, who will you blame? the dog or its owner?  Definitely the owner, so, all the blame is on the USA government’s shoulder for adopting and supporting a state like Israel.”
It may take time, but the truth will eventually prevail.  De Niro’s humanity is making him speak out and others will follow.  Israel’s apartheid practices against the Palestinians are being recorded by history.  One day, sooner or later, all of humanity will stand up for Israel and force it to end apartheid practices against Palestinians.
Monzer Zimmo
Ottawa, Canada
Hope is the stuff from which life is made!

About Alcanaanite

Monzer Zimmo, a Palestinian-Canadian living and working in Ottawa, Canada. Monzer is an advocate of resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through the peaceful creation of a bi-national-democratic state on all the territory of historic Palestine, where Christians, Jews, Muslims, and others live together as equal citizens; be and feel safe, secure, and at home.
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6 Responses to Robert De Niro on Palestinian-Israeli conflict

  1. mohamed ossama says:
    This is not true, on the contrary he is supporting Israel.
    • Alcanaanite says:
      Mr. De Niro was reported to have said: “All the blame is on the USA government’s shoulders for adopting and supporting a state like Israel.” That statement stands, it has not been denied, and its meaning is clear. Therefore, the post continues!
  2. And therefore he’s a world leading expert on land rights, geopolitics and an international lawyer? He’s just an actor with an opinion. The word “FACT” is in itself a misnomer and an accusation without basis. Like forgetting to say Alleged before a conviction of a criminals crime. Facts are just that, the pieces of what are there for all to see. Not the Judgement. Call it as it is not what you think. Otherwise it’s just an opinion. And from De Niro…. it is JUST that.
    • Alcanaanite says:
      De Niro’s opinion that the state of Israel is an apartheid state is one that happens to be shared by President Jimmy Carter, the late Nelson Mandela, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, just to name three prominent experts on the FACTS of apartheid and the structure of the state of Israel.
      The matter is not complicated. The facts can be clearly discovered in the answers to three simple questions:
      First: Do all citizens of the state of Israel enjoy the same rights and privileges regardless of their religion or ethnicity? The answer is: No; under Israeli law, Jewish citizens enjoy more rights and privileges than non-Jewish citizens do.
      Second: Can non-Jews, whether citizens of the state of Israel or not, live in Jewish-only settlements built in the occupied Palestinian West Bank? The answer is: No; under Israeli law, only Jews (whether citizens or otherwise) can live in those Jewish-only settlements.
      Third: Do non-citizens of the state of Israel – whether they are Jews or non-Jews – have the same rights and obligations and are subject to same laws, especially the Law of Return? The answer is: No; under Israeli law, Jews who are not citizens of the state of Israel are treated far more favourably than non-Jews, and under the Law of Return only Jewish non-citizens can automatically become citizens of the state of Israel upon request.
      When citizens of a state, people living under the control of such state, and non-citizens of such state are treated differently based on their religious affiliation or ethnicity, such state is practicing an apartheid system of government that separates and discriminates among individuals based on their religion or ethnicity. That is precisely what the state of Israel does, and that is apartheid. Accordingly, De Niro’s opinion is confirmed in FACT.
  3. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Jimmy Carter from his book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid
    “It’s not Israel. The book has nothing to do with what’s going on inside Israel which is a wonderful democracy, you know, where everyone has guaranteed equal rights and where, under the law, Arabs and Jews who are Israelis have the same privileges about Israel. That’s been most of the controversy because people assume it’s about Israel. It’s not.
    “I’ve never alleged that the framework of apartheid existed within Israel at all, and that what does exist in the West Bank is based on trying to take Palestinian land and not on racism. So it was a very clear distinction.”
    This is clear and not open for debate.
    Both Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela (who’m till his comment I held in great regard and respect) Spoke with seeming lack of information and purely one sided passion. The kind of Dialogue you hear from someone who see’s a picture and told a story and then responds with passion. Like a knee jerk reaction before seeing the whole picture. But men like these once spoken cannot resign from without loss of credibility.
    As to your definition of Apartheid. I’m sorry but your definition is not international law definition. You can set those guidelines to fit your platform but it will never make it true.
    “The crime of Apartheid is defined by the 2002 Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court as inhumane acts of a character similar to other crimes against humanity “committed in the context of an institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination by one RACIAL group over any other RACIAL group or groups and committed with the intention of maintaining that regime.”
    So if you want to call Palestinians a race then you will need to change the international definition of RACE. Pretty simple. You can’t make up your own rules to define international law, This is a faith basis or it’s a national basis but race? Not even close.

    Am I too soon to say; GAME, SET and MATCH Monzer!
Yours In Clay & Water

Thursday, August 14, 2014

This section is taken from an interview with Bill Maher with the Jewish Journal in November of 2012 by Danielle Berrin 
But I found this passage to be very poignant to the attacks today.
J: There was a big debate this week in the #Jewish world that arose from a dispute between two rabbis about whether #Judaism should be more universal and humane or more tribal and self interested. But it is widely felt that the #Israeli army conducts itself with deep concern for the humanity of the people they are fighting.
BM: Let’s not forget the other side of this issue, which is, the Palestinians do have gripes, and most Israelis do not agree with the @Netanyahu government on the settlement issue. [Israelis] want a two state solution. I don’t think anybody’s ever gonna be happy or the conflict will ever end before that happens and as many writers have pointed out, Israel faces the problem of becoming a minority Jewish state within their own country if they allow this to keep going. There has to be some solution. In a lot of ways, what we see in Israel is their government has been taken over by the equivalent of what would be the Tea Party in this country. If you talk to most people in Tel Aviv, I don’t think they’re for what the government is doing, but when it comes to self-defense -- Obama himself said the other day: There’s just not another country in the world that would allow missiles to be rained down on them without fighting back. What I find so ironic is that after World War II, everybody said, ‘I don’t understand the Jews. How could they have just gone to their slaughter like that?’ OK, and then when they fight back: ‘I don’t understand the Jews. Why can’t they just go to their slaughter?’ It’s like, ‘You know what? We did that once. It’s not gonna happen again. You’re just gonna have to get used to the fact that Jews now defend themselves -- and by the way, defend themselves better. I mean, this is a country, after all, that is surrounded by far greater numbers than their own [and] they are like two generations ahead in the military technology they have.
Thank you @BillMaher for making this public. I am sorry I didn't see it when you first said it.  I'm even more surprised to read it was Obama this came from.

Yours In Clay & Water

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I was talking to my wife yesterday about how we have become super sanitizers. ultra sensitive of every surface.  A while back we started watching "The Doctors" and "Dr. Oz.". Great information and thank goodness they are all real MD's.  Now that we have established that we and millions of people except the information on their shows as trustworthy, let's also get a grip on the purpose. RATINGS! Though the information is valuable and useful to the average North American I agree whole heartedly. It's great to know that certain foods can help reduce or even reverse potential heart issues like arterial sclerosis or hypertension, reduce the risk of myocardial infarction. YEAH BRING IT ON!  But the sensation and overly graphic nature and set-ups in commercials make it earth shattering and life altering.

Every article discussed needs to be taken with a grain of salt. (yes I know hyper tension issues just chill!) But if you see the intro's and pre-show run-ups well they are just scary. The network needs views and I understand that.  But being responsible matters not only in journalism (though that's debatable.) but in informational magazine shows like this.  "Is your kitchen is trying to kill you!" sounded the pre-show ads. Well this get's my attention.  But I consider myself a relatively sensible guy.  I'm not saying I don't have my gullible moments but still it takes more than flashy advertising and sensationalism to get me to buy in.  But there are millions of susceptible people out there.  People who trust professionals without checking their own common sense.  I believe THIS is what is causing the rampant paranoia.  Too many people consider every word as gospel.  While we now wash everything and pour anti-bacterial creams and sprays on everything from our hands to our toes. From the counter to the knobs. We forget that when we were kids staying clean meant washing after a day in the mud and whatever was IN that mud. Our bodies have become so dependent on outside assistance that is has become a soft target for anything that can touch out delicate epidermis. We are on the path to walking on side-walks  with our heads down looking to not step on a crack. I don't know about you but being Jack Nicholson is not my life's' aspiration.

But our rampant paranoia is not just the germs.  You will recall recently my article on bubble wrapping the kids.  Well I touched on the media being the source of this.  It is the same as the medical sensationalism of germs and the evil all around us.  That every cut can and WILL lead Necrotizing Fasciitis or every corner, park bench, shaded car window and stranger walking past us right now is a rapist, murderer or paedophile.

When we hear about these crimes happening NO MATTER where they occur, we tend to graft them onto us and our very streets.  With Information getting around the world instantaneously, now it feels almost like every attack happened in your own neighbourhood.  So every street, every car, every light houses a killer, rapist paedophile. With a heightened sense of fear and trained response of "bubble wrapping" our children, scrubbing hands, knobs, counters, sheets and shoes, we will all soon suffer PTSD. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) When the stressors no longer exist or effect you directly and you relax then you lose control and look for a replacement to the stressors. Kind of like ADDICTION WITHDRAWAL. I have a few friends who have been diagnosed with PTSD and they don't even realize it's happening. OCDers don't realise they are doing it till the skin get's raw.

PEOPLE WE NEED TO COLLECTIVELY GET A HANDLE ON OUR HEADS!  Media is driving the paranoia. The desire to purchase huge amounts of disinfectant, anti-microbial bacterial sprays, wipes, washes. Why every car that goes by your school or playground is a feeding ground for everyone else but YOU. Why Spanking to some is child abuse, why yelling is demeaning to a child that shows no respect to his parents or authority. Why Schools can't do their jobs and why children can't just go out to play.  GET A GRIP, TAKE A DEEP BREATH and just remember the world is not the same but it can be enjoyable. Enjoyable as it was to what each generation calls "The simpler times". Get Dirty, Eat something that hit the floor, let the children play.  Who knows, maybe they won't need to be spanked. They will be dirty and tired to get in trouble.

Yours In Clay & Water

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